JP’s strike update

I have enjoyed the spike in readership recently arising from my comments on the rubbish strikes and the fact that lots of people seem to be searching for “Southampton” “Bin Strikes” and the like.  It’s probably been better for my ego than it should have been.

Anyway, if you were one of those folk who have come searching, I feel as though I should help provide answers.

The current situation seems to be that the Unions have rejected the council’s latest offer (surprise!) and that “agency staff in hire vehicles will clear black bags piling up in Southampton from bin men strikes. Council says side waste now a health risk" (via Twitter).  At least someone is doing something sensible.

Interestingly, the offer includes raising the threshold for pay cuts to £22k.  So whoever was bleating about the poor “vulnerable” bin-men now has less of a leg to stand on.

I’ve been enjoying the comments but you will have to debate amongst yourselves this time.  I am off to somewhere hot, with good food.  So like Naples.  But without the rubbish.


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