A Black Mark for Bernice

For those of you who have been returning every few minutes desperate for news about what happened in my fight with easyJet, the wait is now over.  I apologise for the inconvenience, but it is not my policy to offer compensation.  If this blog had Terms and Conditions it would state that work takes precedence over broadcasting to the Blogosphere and I have actually had a productive few days (yes, really).

Anyway, the saga has not gone well.  When I published my last post, I had complained to easyJet that my flight had arrived an hour late.  They had responded with the irrelevant fact that my flight had only departed 47 minutes late and that I therefore did not qualify for compensation.  You can imagine them saying “better luck next time” as though I’d just attempted some fairground game, but they didn’t.  What they did say, however, was this:

“In times of a delay of less than one hour easyJet do not offer compensation. In the case of a flight being delayed for over one hour passengers are offered a free transfer or a credit for the cost of the flight.”

So I had argued that my flight was over an hour late arriving and I should therefore receive compensation.

Later that day, easyJet got back to me again, stating that

I can apologise continuously for the delay but cannot offer compensation as we do not offer compensation for delayed flights.”

I pointed out that if I had been told this in the first place there would have been no point in arguing about the length of the delay (even though I’d have been disappointed by the lack of compensation).  And I left it at that.

But now I have decided that that statement about being offered “credit for the cost of the flight” was unambiguous and that if easyJet are going to put something like that in writing then they should be prepared to honour it. 

easyJet have not really been honest since the moment the plane landed and they apologised for the “short” delay.  They’ve hidden behind all sorts of excuses and I’ve decided that as a man with principles I’m not going to accept such dishonesty easily.  If Bernice didn’t think that I was “one of those people” before, she will now…


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