finding the answer to one of life's important questions

Quite some time back now, I wrote about the time I had my hair cut by someone who'd covered their own hair with a hat.

Fast forward to last Friday, and I found myself in another branch of the same establishment desiring to have my luscious but manly curls chopped off. Inadvertently, I was now in a position to answer a question which might have been bugging some of you for a while.

Is it better to have your hair cut by someone who has covered their own hair up, or by someone who has no hair at all?

I'll save you the suspense and tell you that on this occasion I'm quite happy. My hair is neat, well cut and not really wonky in any way. More importantly, I don't look like a thug, although that was down to my choice of style and not the competence of the person wielding the clippers and the scissors. I don't think I was particularly unhappy last time, but the fact that I've not been back to the establishment since might speak for itself.


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