Yesterday's walk turned out not to be fruitful because Blades closed at 3, minutes before I arrived, and Leonardo's was closed all day.

Today however was more successful. Blades ("The Cutting Edge") got my custom because it was closer and on going in there was negligible waiting time - not even enough time to enrich my life by perusing the copy of Zoo magazine in the waiting area.

It's always a bit worrying when the person you trust to cut your hair has covered theirs entirely with a hat (especially in today's weather) but it must be pretty hard to screw up a grade 2 all over and I've come out looking good. Or "like a thug" depending on your viewpoint.


Pollster said…
I think we need a straw poll: do you think Jim with Grade 2 looks like a stud or a thug?
I vote thug. Very very thug.
Mugford said…
Living up North, I've seen a lot more people that look like a thiug than James with short hair. However, I am a fan of guys having a decent mop of hair, so I am compelled not to approve of such a haircut.

Conclusion: Thug.
dave said…
Well paid thug, erm hitman!

Its the shades.

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