Just talk to her, Dave!

Regular readers (if I still have any) might not be surprised to learn that I've come to the conclusion that it is probably impossible to pull on public transport just by smiling at someone.

I could, if I wanted tell plenty of non-stories at this point. Last Thursday, for example, I was on a train when I exchanged smiles with an attracive young lady. Then I alighted*. The End.

Yesterday, therefore, I seized an opportunity to take the plunge and ascend to the next level by attempting to initiate a conversation. I was waiting at a bus stop in West Wales when I was joined by an attractive blonde, who could possibly be described as sort of Joanna Page - esque.

"Morning," I said.

"Hello," she said in response.

So far, so good, you might think. But now we descend back down to the depths of the 'non-story' for the conversation didn't exactly flow beyond that. We both suddenly developed the need to send a text message or otherwise seek solace in a mobile telephone and aside from a riveting moment when I asked if she was waiting for the 412, she said yes and I said "oh, and here it comes" that, as some might say, was that.

Oh well. You've got to start somewhere...


*This sentence could have just as easily read "we got off" but that might conceivably have changed the whole tone of this post for some of you.


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