the effects of Communism on London

Need I say more?.

Is this Ken's fault? I wouldn't be surprised if it was, but we all know that I wouldn't vote for him anyway so I'll not rant about him this time.

Instead, yet again, it's Bob Crow who is the target of my wrath*. Words almost fail me, and most of those which don't are unprintable. I note from Wikipedia that this joker was a member of the British Communist Party, and he embodies perfectly the assertions made about Communism by George Orwell in Animal Farm. Although you could argue that because the disruption is so widespread that all Londoners are - in fact - being treated equally, what we actually have is someone who will abuse his position and do all he can to get what he wants, regardless of the effects on anyone else. Bob and his cronies are enjoying a few days holiday at the expense of disruption and inconvenience for the vast majority, and it's far from 'fair' or 'ideal'.

The sad thing is, however, is that although most people would probably agree with my sentiments about the workings of Communism, there are probably quite a few so called 'socialists' who like to appear as caring and sharing but really would also not stop at much to get their own way at the expense of others**. People really should practise what they preach once in a while.

*I hope he's scared.

**Unless "others" means animals.


Starkey said…
And pity the poor Circle line. It always comes off worst. :o(

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