Boris? JP says "yes"

I know from one of my polls that some of you are already minded to vote for Boris in his campaign to be London Mayor, and will so cast that vote if you are eligible. I hope that the rest of you have since seen sense, and will join me in supporting Boris. If you were in the ignorant/clueless category, click here.

The reasons to vote Ken out are mounting*, but if you're still dithering about doing the right thing, you should check out Boris' speech. It's rather good.

So, the message is simple. Back Boris, and if you're lucky enough to be able to vote, don't waste the opportunity. To quote from the BBC,

Anyone registered to vote in London, irrespective of which party they support, can vote in the ballot which closes on 26 September. The result is due to be announced the next morning.

*EDIT: As Alasdair notes, this was a slightly spurious link, because I have no proof that Ken is to blame for the current Tube strike, and the post was more a rant about Bob Crow, anyway. However, Ken must have been involved somehow, and he is certainly one of those 'socialists' I loathe.

The fact is however, I have certainly heard quite a few negative comments about Ken, and a quick Google search revealed a few more unhappy bloggers. He's known to be "not everybody's cup of tea". I for one am not happy with the extortionate Tube fares, nor am I a fan of the new buses.

Interestingly, it is an article from The Guardian which gives me another good reason not to vote for him (if I could). Evidently it seems that he is demonstrating his ability to be economical with the truth, and his need to "spin". Threatened by Boris, are we Mr Livingstone?


Alasdair said…
You say that "the reasons to vote Ken out are mounting", but you link to a post where you merely speculate that Ken might be to blame for the RMT strike.

Can you see the gap in the argument? I don't think your blog will convince the undecided any more than if I just dismiss Boris as a a mango juice swilling toff.
JP said…
I can see the gap in the argument - although Ken must have had something to do with the current Tube situation. I have attempted now to be slightly more rigorous, but won't pretend that I'm able to convince everybody. Maybe someone from London could do a better job (one way or the other).

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