Girls don’t like boys; girls like cars & money

When a friend of mine announced he was considering buying a convertible Saab, I wholeheartedly approved.

After all, "cheap" does not necessarily have to mean "Daewoo Matiz" (thankfully) and I always like it when people drive something a bit different.  Too many people choose not to take the opportunity when they have it, and before they know it their Fiesta has to be sold to make way for a people-carrier.  Then they're old, and so they buy a Hyundai.  *Yawn*

Of course, "different" does not always mean "good" and AutoTrader needs to be filtered quite carefully.  For example, if my friend had suggested a Rover, I'd have suggested some alternatives.  But Saabs are likeable, and have a good reputation for being well made.

So when my friend suggested we went to Romsey for lunch the other day the idea was much more appealing knowing that I didn't have to squash myself in to the back of a small car with no headrests.  Instead, I could enjoy a comfortable leather seat, and kick back with some tunes on the CD Changer.  I wouldn't be saying that if he'd spent the same (if not more) money on a Punto.  Neither would the Punto have air-conditioning, although in this case that was irrelevant.  In the words of Moby, "we had the roof down; the sun was shining in."*  I don't care how I looked - it was lush.

When it comes to girls, however, I have observed an interesting phenomenon.  I've spoken before about how all girls seem to care about is the colour.  We've all had the conversation with a girl about a car where they give the impression that all they know is that it's blue.

However, when they tell my friend that he is having an early midlife crisis, I'm not sure that this has anything to do with the fact that his Saab is red.  I'm sure that if it was blue they'd say the same thing. The "I'm a girl; I don't know anything other than the fact it's blue" line is a lie.  They know, and they're judging you.**

The funny thing is that although I wouldn't expect driving a convertible Saab to further enhance my desirability, I think that if you're a girl it may enhance yours.  So if you're smitten by the fact that I am witty, no longer smell like a girl and am was*** suntanned then there is a little tip for you...



*the black fact is, I was thinking of you.

**or at least they want you to think that.  I think that some of them actually quite like the car. Women.

***on the positive side, driving me round in a convertible will help the tan.  Everyone wins.


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