Climbing the [Google] charts with tea and cake

I’ve just had a cursory glance at the statistics for this corner of the Blogosphere.  Not only is it more exciting than returning from lunch to write a report, it is good for my ego as well.

Today I learned that someone landed here after asking Google “what is lesbian tea.”  Apparently, one of my earlier posts was relevant.  Arguably, the photograph illustrated it quite well (although I prefer the term “metrosexual tea”), so I hope that they found it useful.

Some say that you can’t have tea without cake, and it seems as though if you search Google for “JP’s cake corner” my rankings remain even more impressive.  Sadly, most people who end up here for that reason are likely to be disappointed.

Having said that, the brownies I made recently were independently verified (by a trustworthy source) as being “good.”  That was also good for my ego, and I should probably make them again sometime.

This chatter isn’t good for my report though, so I had better shut up with some haste.  Have a nice afternoon!


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