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So, yesterday some guy married some girl he met at university and the whole world dropped everything and took note.  As you would expect from a quality blog, I am able to report from the perspective of someone who was there, in the thick of the action, at Buckingham Palace.

Of course, most of the action in question was flag waving, and I was only at, rather than in, the Palace – so if you want to actually see something of the wedding or reception I suggest that you head for a news site other than The Guardian.*  Although I’d heard the service and caught glimpses of the processions, I did enjoy the TV Highlights when I returned home.

Nonetheless, it was worth the early start to be in London yesterday; even on the early train there was a sense of excitement and anticipation.  Yes, the crowds were (perhaps unsurprisingly) a pain at times – with one or two self-centred people kicking up an unnecessary fuss.  No, I didn’t see the kiss itself because it was obscured by a flurry of OK! Flags, cameras and cardboard periscopes.  But the buzz was incredible, as we all stood there, jostling for position, some of us with one ear glued to a radio.  I appreciated the sense of humour of the van driver who mimicked a Royal wave to the assembling crowd, and was grateful to the Bishop of London for his public reminder that we have a generous God.  The cheers as the Archbishop pronounced William & Kate man and wife were amazing, and the myriad of Union flags waving as everyone participated in the National Anthem was a truly special moment.  In an age where a St George’s flag is apparently racist, it was great to have an opportunity to be proud to be British.

*Regular readers will know that this clause is fairly spurious as I would never normally commend The Guardian anyway


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