Liar, Liar?

Today I bring you another dose of comment about a BBC News Article.  In a fairly ironic situation,  “A candidate for Derby City Council has apologised for using a false name in a BBC phone-in about honesty in politics.”

What interests me is the comment made by Phil Bailey, chairman of Derby South Conservative Association:

"I think it was a genuine mistake, I don't think it was deceit and lies. I just think he wanted to get his point over and I think it was the only way he could see to do it."

How is giving a false name a genuine mistake?  And either way, it’s still lies.

Then there’s the use of “the only way to do something” as an excuse.  If our councillors and politicians carry on like this then it will become acceptable to steal a car on the basis that “it was the only way to get where I needed to be.”

The possibilities are endless…


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