Shouldn't you be taking the plank out of your own eye, Mr Darling?

It's an all too regular feature of this blog that I rant about the government interfering with the running of the railways and then laying the blame for anything which isn't right squarely at the foot of the Train Operating Companies.

Fortunately, angry though I was with Mr Darling's "First Great Western should get a grip on the franchise or risk losing it" (..."because we want to run the trains ourselves"),
someone else has done the ranting for me on this occassion.



Gareth P said…
I have to say James, that whilst it may be that the DfT are as much at fault as anybody in the train fiasco in the SW, the blog you've linked to seems to be the incoherent ramblings of a (trained) monkey.

At no point does the poster give any sound reasoning as to what the DfT has done (or not done) as regards to trains in the SW. He simply restates a (not very good) article from the sky website and then descends into some vitriolic nonsense.

My feeling is that the DfT are probably as much at fault as anybody but that article does little to help the rail travelling publics cause as it makes them sound like a bunch of reactionary clowns (or goblins if you prefer) unable to present a coherent, logical statement of their grievances with either FGW of the DfT.
JP said…
On form, as ever, Gareth.

Slightly harsh though you might be being, I have to admit that I wasn't overly concerned about the content so much as I was pleased that someone else was attempting to rant in a similar vein.

I rant too often about this sort of thing and being able to point out that I'm not the only one makes me look less like a crazed (and probably wizened) fool with a one track mind.

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