Mmm, das sieht sehr sexy aus.

Speaking from (on going) bitter experience I have learned that one of the less desirable things to do after work is sit opposite an Austrian* couple who are evidently "very much in love". As ever, I'm on a train and it's not as though I can avert my eyes for their canoodling is clearly reflected in the window.

I thought that Austrian people were stereotypically prude but I might be mistaken. Unhelpfully though, as I think of stereotypes the thought has just passed through my head that the girl repeatedly kissing the bloke opposite might have hairy armpits.

Sorry folks, I just had to share that.

*I think they're Austrian. In between the 'mmm' and the giggling I can definitely hear 'German with a heavy accent'.


Anonymous said…
It's not like you to stereotype, is it now?

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