don't scare me with your driving, or I'll sue

I read in the paper yesterday that some of the passengers on the BA flight which crashed at Heathrow last month are to sue - "for developing a fear of flying, and possible hearing damage". Is there nothing which some people won't sink to in this increasingly greedy and unfortunately sue-happy society?

Following a discussion over lunch at work, I'm happy to concede that if injury - e.g. hearing damage - has incurred then it would be nice if some money was available to cover any necessary treatment costs. But doesn't travel insurance cover that? Or the NHS? Besides, I'm sceptical that anyone suffered hearing damage in a crash which didn't involve a sudden drop, and which many passengers just assumed to be a heavy landing.

As for "fear of flying", see the title of this post. If that's the trend you wish to embrace...

Personally I think that if you buy a ticket to transport you at 500 miles an hour at a height of 35,000 feet then you've got to accept the risk that goes with it. Flying might be the safest form of travel, but no-one can guarantee complete safety 100% of the time.

I think that if there had been deliberate negligence or malicious intent then it would be different, but it doesn't seem to be the case here. It amazes me that the full accident investigation has not yet been completed and people are still playing the 'blame game'. Some theories behind the accident include birds or dodgy fuel, and you can't exactly hold BA accountable for that. Besides, having spent an hour this afternoon practising my 777 landings in a full training simulator I have nothing but respect for the BA pilots who bought the plane down safely in the event of last minute failure.

Someone quipped at lunch today that "well, BA can afford it, they make millions".

Well, if you scare me I'll note that "you can afford it, your car is more expensive than mine".


Geoff said…
"Having spent an hour this afternoon practising my 777 landings"

Have you been playing "Flight Simulator" again, JP?
dave said…
Haha, I agree.

But in fairness, it is a pilot's job to land a plane when things go wrong.

Similarly, when things go wrong at work it's my job to sort it out. I doubt very much you could do my job, but that doesn't mean I'm any more capable than you. I have just been trained to do my job.

dave said…
Pre-empting a post you're about to write JP...

Quoting the BBC:

'The Archbishop of Canterbury is said to be overwhelmed by the "hostility of the response" to his Sharia law comments.'

The Archbishop of Canterbury or Leader of the Protestant Church in the UK is shocked to find that he doesn't live in a country full of people that make decisions based upon superstitions passed through the generations that originally came from a bloke in the sky.

Interesting. If ever there was good evidence as to why any religiously biased character shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Parliament, this is it.

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