JP thinks a bit about American Politics

Like a lot of you, I'm sure, I've been enjoying keeping a beady eye on the build up to the American Presidential election. In some ways this is another good thing the Metro is good for, as it allows me to have my daily fix of such matters from the comfort of my train to work.

However - and perhaps you can blame the Metro for this - I'm fairly clueless about the policies upheld and promised by each of the various candidates, and therefore who I'd vote for if I could.

My thinking is that in an ideal world I'd probably be a McCain supporter given that the Republicans are the more conservative end of the spectrum. As far as I understand it, at least.

But then it seems to be generally accepted that the next president is likely to be a Democrat. I don't want to play the game of "voting for the party who's most likely to get power" but I probably should have an opinion about which of the Democrat candidates I prefer. Currently that's Mr Obama, without a doubt, though I have no positive reason for this at the moment.

Purely and simply, I don't like Hillary. She's up there with London's favourite sewer rat* on my list of people I would never vote for even if I could. Initially my reasons for this were no less superficial than "she's the type of loud American woman who really makes my skin crawl", though one or two things have recently given me a bit more substance. Firstly, it would seem that she's playing dirty politics more than most given that I read today her campaign has just taken a much more negative and vicious turn. If nothing else it all sounds a bit desperate to me.

Secondly, I read last week that she's been really critical about people who work in hedge funds with all sorts of unfounded "they do no work" claims. Now her own daughter, Chelsea, works in the field and a quick Google search reveals that this is not the first time she's been so negative about her daughter and her profession. If she can't display any loyalty to her family, why should I believe that she'll show loyalty to her party? Or her country?

Perhaps someone who's better informed than me would like to have their say using the comment option...


*That'll be Ken then.


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