to shave, or not to shave, that is the question

Making the most of being a man of leisure for just a short while longer, I have decided to "experiment" again with my facial hair. We're not talking full beard or dodgy 'tache, but something cultivated*; along the lines of what you should see in my photograph.

For want of something more meaningful and mature, I have decided to use this latest development as the basis for my new poll (see right), even though I suspect I know what the outcome will be, and will probably take no notice if you're a bloke**. Vote now.

*In theory, at least.

**Don't feel as though I'm discriminating purely on gender here. If I knew you were old, married or ugly your opinion probably wouldn't count for much either.


Gareth P said…
As a fan of the "unkempt" look, which my Dad describes as the Wild Man of Borneo look, I'm all for the facial hair. Glad to see you're blogging about really worthwhile topics again JP!

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