Good Times Had By All

I've just spent the weekend camping in West Wales, and it was awesome. The weather was gorgeous and I really enjoyed being on the beach*, playing cricket, messing about in inflatable boats, and even swimming. Nice. I was also introduced to the world of (amateur) golf, which I enjoyed very much and embarked a bit of walking. We also spent an evening on a beach, with a fire, some marshmallows and some bananas stuffed with chocolate and wrapped in foil. A Good Combination. I didn't burn my hand this time, though I did somehow slice my finger painlessly, drawing copious amounts of blood.

It was great to catch up with good friends in the process, and I think that the title of this post really says it all.

*in swimming shorts, not speedos. Sorry for any disappointment this may cause.


Anonymous said…
Brokeback Mountain style, me thinks
Gareth P said…
You know what they say JP, "Happiness is a long walk with a putter"
JP said…
Or as Jeremy Clarkson said, "Golf is a good walk. Ruined".

Much as I like JC, my experience last week might lead me to conclude that on this occasion I disagree with him.

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