rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Despite John's concerns, I am pleased to announce that I am not dead. Though you could be forgiven for thinking so, because I haven't blogged in over a month - a new record for me - and I just left things hanging in mid-air. Although there's nothing like a good cliff-hanger, I suspect that those of you who still bother to tune in have given up wondering long ago what theory I was putting to the test, and whether my survey proved or disproved it. I'll come back to that in a moment.

I have a lot of reasonably plausible excuses for my absence from the Blogosphere - finishing a dissertation is a good one, as is moving house. I also quite like 'being in a period of transition', and I am yet to get back in to some sort of routine. It is also fair to say that I have been spending my time on other things recently. Including fast cars and aeroplanes*. Well, you would, wouldn't you...

Anyway, one can make excuses until the cows come home. A bad workman blames his tools, and all that. But the fact is, I'm back. Spread the word**. Have a party if you're so inclined. And let the good times roll...


*technically it's just one fast car and one aeroplane, and I wasn't driving either. Furthermore, I've spent more time messing with computers than I have living in the fast lane (literally), but somehow that's just not as cool.

**Please. My ego needs it. Send a few emails. Talk about it down the pub. Get a T-Shirt printed. "Every little helps".


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