Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the name's P...

...J P. I bet you didn't see that cliche coming; there are of course no prizes for guessing what I am about to talk about.

Yesterday I (finally) went to see the new Bond film with my family, and...

...I thought that it was excellent.

I quickly dispensed of my predjudice that Bond should not be blonde and enjoyed the typical Bond action, the element of suspense and the inclusion of a posh girl. There was a disappointing lack of risque one-liners although the trademark humour is thankfully still in evidence. Despite the fact that Bond is always slightly 'unreal' I felt let down by the last one and was greatly relieved to find that the same mistakes have not been made.

Unfortunately the rest of the family have completely succumbed to the lurgy today and the Vicarage has not been the hive of activity that it usually is. Meanwhile, I've been plodding on climbing my revision mountain.

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dave said...

On this we agree, new Bond (both film and actor) is amazing.

However, I didn't think the girl was posh, just witty and belligerent. This was better, for a second I thought Bond wouldn't get the girl. Stupid eh?