Late Night Love

In case you were wondering, today's title is (sadly) not a reflection on what I have been up to recently. Well, not in that sense, anyway.

Recently I have been listening a lot more to the radio. It makes the early morning bus journey more interesting and all that. But more on that later - I need to get back to the point.

So there I was last night listening to said radio, dozing off as Graham Torrington used his infinite wisdom and experience to reassure and advise his listeners with just the right number of meaningful "mmm's". I was contemplating the phenomenon that everyone has heard of Graham Torrington (or 'GT' if you're cool enough) and yet would probably rather not admit it, when I heard a name I recognised. It was, after all, a slightly unusual name.

As the caller started disclosing her problems I realised that I also recognised the voice. Listening more carefully I found that the discription of her situation was also familiar.

If there's one thing more embarrassing than having to admit that you met through an internet dating agency it's probably having to call Late Night Love to sort out any issues. And now a few people across the nation know that her parents find my friend arrogant.

If only he could travel back in time and make amends...


Anonymous said…

I have not heard of Graham Torrington. Nor do I want to.

But isn't GT short for Gin & Tonic, said by people who are too busy to say 'and'?


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