Monday, January 22, 2007

15 seconds of fame

Last November I made the trip to Cardiff to celebrate a friend's birthday. We went to the Bay and had a good night, despite the fact that the area lacks soul.

At the end of the night three of us ended up walking back across town, which was something of an experience. Mein Host led us on a little bit of a wild-goose chase, but eventually, after passing the first fight we saw that night our route took us through the aptly named "Chippy Alley".

Unbeknown to me at the time, a camera crew were filming somewhere in the area and as I waded through the piles of polystyrene cartons (yes, really), weaved through the groups of drunkards and dodged the overflowing bins, I made my way in to the shot. So, as I learned at the weekend, you may have seen me making a TV appearance (not my first, I should add) in the background of a programme for S4C...

...on binge drinking.

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Anonymous said...

you expect us to believe your convoluted story?