happy new year

I wonder how many people have written a post with the same title as this today? I note that 2006 began with the same title, but 365 days on I still feel no need to be original, witty or funny. So there. Still, I hope that you have a happy new year anyway.

Unfortunately, Mother P follwed the rest of the family and was unwell at the end of 2006. Along with the nation's other great parties this meant that we sadly had to cut right back on the festivities. Much as it was a great shame not to have had an evening of fun and laughter with friends and family I am at least pleased to report that my family is very much on the mend.

I am also pleased to report that for me 2006 ended in a suitably random manner; after a very quiet evening I was to be found shortly before midnight accompanying the vicar, who, carafe of wine in hand was attempting to get in to his own church. More precisely, we wanted access to the tower, for which the Reverend has no key. Our knocks and cries resulted in success and the bellringers welcomed us in to join them as they rang in the New Year. It was certainly a novel and interesting place to be as the clock struck midnight, and with champagne, party poppers, good company and the joyous peal of the bells 2007 began well. Let us hope that it continues that way.

On the subject of the New Year, I was skimming the BBC Have Your Say about the New Year Honours and was most amused by the chap who felt the need to rant that people who work in antiques are never recognised for their skills and services. Does anyone else share his pain?

Finally, given the way in which this post began, I feel the need to congratulate Corinne on breaking with tradition. My RSS feeder has just loaded her latest entry and it seems that she began 2007 with "it's the tea lady!".


Corinne said…
I'm saving my happy new year post for tomorrow ;-)

In the mean time - happy new year!

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