There has been a lot of talk recently about respecting confidentiality and not saying anything in the blogosphere you may later regret. Sometimes you just have to keep schtum.

In light of my opening gambit I shall have to avoid some of the events of the last week, but suffice to say it's had its moments. Fear not however, I have enough ramblings which are suitable for general consumption to be going on with.

Sam's Town, the new Killers album has so far not disappointed. As a random observation however I am still perplexed as to why my Friends' DVD Box set fitted through my letter box and the Sam's Town CD (both from HMV) did not. Fortunately the Post Office from which I could collect it is only a little way off my route in to uni.

I am starting to settle in to my course now, and although there is a
lot of work I am really enjoying it. My coursework is especially
enjoyable, though it is taking up a lot of time and I fear that I am
just sweeping my other modules under the carpet.

I did however get a good break at the weekend when I enjoyed visiting
some friends in South Wales. I watched some rugby, was well fed and
enjoyed some quality banter. What more can I ask for? This coming
weekend is also going to be spent away, for I am graduating (as you
do). I'm quite excited about it and I am really looking forward to
seeing friends and family and having some good times.

I am slowly getting used to the buses. I don't like them still, and I
have come across some very mean drivers. However as an evil necessity I am
coping with the concept of bus travel more than I was before. This
may or may not have something to do with the fact that I set a new
record on Tuesday and have had no irritating hold ups for a while.

Talking of buses, everyone's favourite bus geek had some interesting opinions on Christians and Catholicism when I logged on this morning.

I still like living in a proper house, with all that that entails. My
cooking skills are slowly improving (I enjoyed having some friends for
dinner last week) and the proper living room is still something of a
bonus. The problem with having a TV though is that you become
addicted to it. I have found myself absorbed with the new Robin Hood
series, for example. And the problem with having a video recorder is
that you miss it when it breaks. Couple the two together and it
becomes very traumatic when you realise that you might have to miss an
episode of something.

Back to doing something more useful than sharing my thoughts with an
eclectic online audience.


Mugford said…
I'm loving the fact that your blog has now turned into being all about buses. Before you realise you'll be a bus geek too. But never as much as Scott and I.

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