Saturday, October 28, 2006

JP's Cake Corner

A cursory glance at the recent stats for this blog have revealed that several people have arrived in thie corner of the Blogosphere after searching for 'JP's Cake Corner'. I think they probably went away disappointed, but does anyone know who this other JP is, and where he keeps his cakes?

I was also pleased to note that someone arrived here by searching for "he's got a dream about buying some land". Bring on the Shetland banter (and sorry for the in-joke).


Della said...

JP's Kake Korner is an awesome little bakery in Laurel Maryland. I happen to be lucky enough to be employed there by the multi-talented Diane the Cake Lady. We make delicious custom cakes for all occasions. I would direct you to our website, but it's being updated and just doesn't do the business justice right now. I'm not sure who the original JP was, but the location has been a bakery for 30+ years and Diane took over just a couple years ago.

linzinger said...

What I know is that JP Kake Korner was started by two ladies, either sisters or sisters in law. I first became aware of this duo when I took a cake decorating class over twenty years ago in Savage, Maryland. I think the classes were held out of their house.
I do know that the "P" was Pam. Unfortunately I forget who "J" was.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is diane the cake lady, stoppin by to fill you all in on whats happening at the little pink house that has been in the same location for 34 years, in laurel and it was first established by jennifer and pam, sisters of the local ganoe family, then jennifer went on to pursue other dreams and pam and mother jean ran it until 2004 when it was sold to diane the cake lady and has been doing great ever since. our website is please come visit us at the store or on the web. thanks so much,love diane

Anonymous said...

JP's Cake Corner is the best place for deliciously beautiful cakes! I would not go anywhere else. I order cakes from Diane to take to family events up and down the East Coast! She has a huge fan club in my house. My daughters love going into the pink house each year to design their own cake. Even at 14 my oldest already has it on her calendar for the week before her birthday! We love you Diane!!!!