wishing that a week had 8 days

I've had a lot to say recently. I have opinions on a lot of things.

I was going to write about the Pope and his comments, about Richard Hammond and why I think that any suggestion of removing Top Gear is proposterous, and how actually I did not go to an HMC school.

However aside from using my time instead to see good friends and prepare for my move tomorrow I have been crippled by my eyesight. Those of you who know me (or who have read my profile) know that I suffer from nystagmus, and for various reasons it is currently causing me problems. I have however been referred to a specialist, which is good news.

Excuses, schmooses, but I'll be back. Maybe not for breakfast but smoke me another kipper if you feel like it anyway.


Mugford said…
What's a HMC School?
Sam said…
An HMC school, Muggers, is a private school that is a member of the Headmasters' Conference.

Schools that are HMC schools can be referred to as public schools.
Anonymous said…
Hope your eyesight's improved and sunny Bath is treating you well.
No kippers to hand but I can roast you a turnip if you'll be back for dinner?
Mugford said…
Ah! Thank you Sam!
ross said…
oh dear your definition of a HMC school is wrong. HMC schools are INDEPENDENT not necessarily private though clearly lots are. an example of a non-public\private HMC school is Bangor Grammar School.

somewhat more amusingly HMC now stands for Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference rather than just headmasters'.

hope you're feeling better James email me your new address in bath!
ross said…
actually to be fair i guess 'independent' and 'private' mean pretty much the same thing when applied to schools. independent means that the school relies on non-govermental sources of funding which almost always means private in sense parents cough up the dough.

some maintained schools are "independent" in the sense they are controlled by their own board of governers but are still financially dependent on the government. these schools can join the HMC (a lot of
Northern Irish grammar schools fall
under this category).

sorry for the info overload felt had to clarify first comment.
Sam said…
So was my definition right?
Mugford said…
I'm lost now ...
ross said…
no because some HMC schools are not private eg BGS (see above)
ross said…
the distinction is that schools such as BGS are called independent but are
not private.

as they are independent they can join the HMC.

they are independent in the sense
they run themselves rather than fund themselves (private schools fund themselves).

now back to something easier like cluster states for one-way quantum computing...

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