Long Lunch

I had a quality day today - I cycled to meet a good friend about half way
between mine and his. I feel quite good after the 17 mile round trip,
though the pie, chips and beer for lunch probably negated some of the

The pub in which we ate and drank was quite funny. At first glance it
appeared closed, but I did find an open door. The landlady and someone's
granny seemed initially to be the only people inside but once my friend arrived
a couple of cars had appeared in the car park and it developed an element of

The food was delicious (mmmm homemade steak and kidney pie) but I was rather
perturbed to find that they closed the hatch to the kitchen the moment we
placed our order. I'm not dead or ill though, so it could just have been

About half-way through an older guy took over running the place.
Sporadically he would come and clear something from the table, saying "I'm
not trying to rush you" before eventually telling us that the pub was now
shut and that we would have to leave. Helpfully, upon asking where the
toilet was, he also taught me that "when you go through the door over there
you mustn't forget to open it, of course".

Bizarrely, after a walk and an ice-cream, we returned an hour later to
collect our bikes and found that the pub was more populated than before. As
a bloke came out of the door (having opened it first) carrying a pint, the
sounds of the social scene emanating from within made the pub appear the
least closed it had done all day.


Anonymous said…
Private party?

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