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This morning I enjoyed the hot sunshine, strolled in to town for a cafe latte and had the most amazing ice-cream. I may as well have still been in Italy, but a glance at the numerous chip shops and a realisation that cars actually stop at pedestrian crossings put paid to that illusion.

In this weather, Norfolk is not without it's charms. Aside from getting to walk back from town along the beach, I also enjoyed seeing a steam train and buying some delicious fudge. Mmm.

This afternoon I enjoyed a trip to Circus Mondao. My first circus experience didn't fail to amuse me, but for all the wrong reasons. Despite claiming "excellent press revues" and having some pygmy goats, I was not overly surprised to find that it lacked popularity. I did however very much enjoy it, and the 'never a dull moment' ethos continues to hold true.

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Hannah M said…
Hi James! long time no see!!

I'm very jealous of all your travels (and I've never been to a circus). When I read about the billy joel thing in Rome, i actually turned green...

Hope you're well, and perhaps we'll catch up before too long!

Mugford said…
Sunshine? The North really is a different country.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chips shops.

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