No More Gannets

Gannets is the name of the end of the day team meeting at the camp I helped out on last week. So called because after the necessary business and prayer time is over we can descend (like gannets) on the food available in the cookhouse. Mmm.

There will be no more gannets this year, not because there were some unwashed mugs left over this morning but because camp finished yesterday.

I arrived back in civilisation yesterday evening and was glad of a proper bed to sleep in. However I did have the most amazing time on camp, and I found it really rewarding.

I enjoyed taking part in all kinds of activities from Outdoor Pursuits (mmm Zip Wire) to swimming to playing chess (against some really talented people).

The spiritual programme worked well and I think that both the team and the campers got a lot out of it. For the kids, it gave them the chance in a low key way to learn about the basics of Christianity, and if they had a faith, to develop it. God was clearly at work throughout the week, and many of the kids developed hugely - not just spiritually, but in the way that they approached the activities and related to others.

I'll pick up on some of the comments I've received whilst I've been away in a later post, but for those of you who were wondering about the dress it was for a fancy-dress Narnia themed party. I had to find something to match the pigtails that I was given upon finishing finals...


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