On why you should never have a Vodafone contract

Along with Halfords, Vodafone is the second entry on my current blacklist.

I can’t be bothered to give them airtime by boring you with all the details at the moment (I’ll save them for a rainy day) but I am now staggered at the levels of incompetence I have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing.

In a nutshell, they have failed to bill me correctly.  None of their figures match what I agreed to, and every single adviser tells me something different.  The amazing thing is that even though the entire thread can be seen in writing even their customer service emails are contradictory.

I know I’ve already spoken a bit about getting what you pay for with customer service, but this is more akin to a lucky dip than any sort of service. Besides, if I end up paying what they’ve tried to bill me I would have expected no hassle at all.

Honestly, I think I would have had more chance of finding someone who was able to put in place what I had agreed to by ringing a random number from the phone book or speaking to the monkeys at Marwell Zoo than trying to deal with the “Customer Service*” people. I’d certainly have had more fun…


*note the quotations.  There’s no service involved, and at this rate they don’t deserve to have any customers either.


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