Blessed be Your Name



One of the songs I really enjoy singing in church is ‘Blessed Be Your Name.’  It’s quite old now, but I find it really expressive.  It helps me to remember that we have a lot to thank God for (and that sometimes we need to see beyond current circumstances).

I found myself thinking about this song when I was away last week.  It was quite appropriate because I was feeling very thankful and I had realised that there are times when God really does bless us in abundance.  As an aside, one of the things that I had wrestled with when I changed jobs was giving up some fantastic travelling opportunities – and yet I have ended up not lacking in this area at all.

The song was also quite appropriate because it contains the line “when I’m found in the desert place.” Of course, I was taking the line more literally than perhaps it was meant, because I was actually to be found in the desert.

I’m fairly certain that no-one really cares where I was, and that it was a pretty badly kept secret anyway.  However, if you have been glued to the screen waiting for an update and didn’t Google “big carpet big chandelier expensive hotel” to ascertain that the capital city in question was Abu Dhabi then the waiting is finally over.  I was in Dubai.

I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, actually, and had a wonderful time.  I might get around to posting some more photographs at some point, but bye for now.


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