Nokia E5 Help

When I promised some non-political rants, I envisaged writing something more interesting than asking for help with my telephone.  But it is my blog, and needs must.

As you may have gathered from the title, I have a Nokia E5.  Don’t ask why – since their PC Software (Ovi Suite) has become so temperamental, I have no good reason to have stayed loyal to Nokia.  But we are where we are.

So what’s the problem now?  Said phone had become very slow, especially when opening messages, so I decided to perform a hard reset (*#7370# in case you are wondering).  So far so good.  Then I opted to restore my contacts and settings from the backup I had made first (I didn’t bother with the messages because I thought that an over-full inbox may have been the problem).  Ovi Suite completed the operation (so far so good…) and the phone restarted.

But now it doesn’t do anything.  The main screen is blank apart from the network status, profile choice (“Silent”) and battery status along the top.  If I press the ‘Home’ key the menu does after a long while appear, but is too slow to be functional.  Ditto with the ‘Message’ key.  If I press the keypad, nothing happens, so I cannot dial in *#7370# – or in fact anything at all – to reset the phone.

Has anyone had this problem before? Does anyone know how to do a reset without use of the keypad? Ovi Suite still recognises the phone, so if there is a hack I can do via the USB cable I may be able to?

Alternatively, will the recycling places such as be able to get my phone working to the extent they will still give me money for it?  At least that way I could do what I should have done originally and bought an HTC.

Any help would be gratefully received.  In the meantime, my phone is rendered useless so if you need to get hold of me try email, Facebook, Twitter or commenting on this post.

Thank you…


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