Caption Competition


This picture comes from the BBC News coverage of the Raoul Moat incident.

The caption given by the BBC is

“After Moat’s death, police praised residents of Rothbury for their resilience in dealing with an armed police presence – and the threat of a gunman on the loose – in the town.”

That’s all well and good, and it’s nice to know that the residents of Rothbury were credited for the way in which they dealt which what must have been a difficult and traumatic week.

However, in my eyes, the picture above has a slightly comic edge – aiming a gun at two ladies on a jolly in their Nissan Almera seems like overkill to me.  Notwithstanding the fact that the events of the last week have obviously been very sad, I think there is an opportunity to have a bit of fun here and suggestions for alternative captions would be most welcome.


Anonymous said…
"I didn't think your picnic was that dangerous"
Anonymous said…
That's the last time you give James the prize for best student Sally
Verbatim said…
Police weight training pays off as two old ladies admire their guns.

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