Microsoft may now be forced to offer users a choice of web browser, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped them mucking around in an uncompetitive manner. 

Internet Explorer came pre-installed on my computer and I have opted to keep the 64-bit version just because it is the only 64-bit browser I currently know of.  That doesn’t mean I use it very often (Firefox 4 has won my heart) but each time I do, it has started to complain about my choice of search engine.

IE Blog 

Apparently I originally chose Bing.  Obviously I didn’t, because no-one does, and I’d rather that Microsoft would leave me alone rather than kindly resetting IE to use its own product.

Interestingly, the message also tells me that Bing can be found at  If Microsoft employees think that, it’s no wonder that they are proud of their search engine.


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