Union Politics

It would seem that the members of the Unite Union are still unhappy with BA.  I wonder if they were bullied in to voting that way?

Anyway, in case you are still naive enough to think that this is genuinely about some unhappy workers, allow me to point out a couple of things.

1) Unite the Union have continued to bankroll the Labour Party, and their HQ near Heathrow was plastered in ‘Vote Labour’ signs prior to the election.

2) There were few announcements prior to the election, and no decisive action has yet been taken.  Is this a reflection of the fact that the election result itself could be viewed as “indecisive”?

Ironically, it would seem that if you want to avoid a strike in the short term, you’d be best campaigning for Labour to remain in power.  Not that it would be good for the long term future of the airline, let alone the country.

In my mind, it is clear that the bosses at Unite are on nothing less than a politically motivated power trip.


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