Pro Abortion Advertising…

…is about to start happening in the UK, apparently.

I’ll keep it short and sweet because I still have revision to do, but what is wrong with people such that abortion has become little more than a “sexual health decision” and values “empowering” self-centred women above human life?

Recently I’ve seen suggestions that fundamental human rights include “going on strike” and Internet Access.  What about the right to life in the first place?

One of the things I liked about David Cameron’s first speech, was the mention of ‘responsibility’.  It’s about time that people got to grips with that concept.


Peter said…
I saw someone (male) commenting that abortion advertising was "Good news for women's rights!"

If it was a reversal of a law making abortion legal then I'd agree, but this is only advertising. And I think in the long term it reduces their rights... if 'real' rights are more than legal rights.

I'd like to see the following argument explored further: that promoting abortion actually traps women and reduces freedom, as it makes it more acceptable to treat women as sex objects, with no thought to the consequences. It's not freedom but undercover enslavement and pandering to cultural pressures. Relationally too, it's going to have unintended consequences - but then the arguments for/against abortion have been around a long time.

And I say this as someone who's not greatly pro-life and hasn't any clear idea when life begins.

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