All’s fair in love and war…

Fairness.  It’s a lovely word, isn’t it?  Those of you who have been following the election campaigns have probably heard it a few times recently.  Maybe you’re even getting quite excited about it.

But I wonder what sort of “fairness” is really on offer.  Allow me to pose a few provocative questions:

- Is it fair to complain about “obscene” bank bonuses whilst turning a blind eye to the equally obscene salaries paid to footballers and playboy racing drivers?

- Is it fair to prevent someone speaking openly about their Christian beliefs?

- Is it fair to tax the retirement savings of those who’ve been working hard and striving to save?

- Is it fair that the Scots and the French pay no tuition fees in Scotland, but the English do?

I could go on (and at some point, I probably will).  But for now, I hope I’ve provided a bit of food for thought / stimulus for discussion – especially if you’ve been glued to the TV and generally going all gooey when “fairness” is mentioned.


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