New Labour. New Strikes.

So said the Conservative election posters in 1997. Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon now, with Tube workers being the latest to hold a ballot.

Could it be that Dave Cameron was right when he said that the Trade Unions have scented weakness in the government? The cynic in me says that if this latest threat is actually a genuine show of concern for the 800 potential job losses, then the whole country would have been on strike from the beginning of the recession.

Meanwhile, I have another Unite link for you. I wouldn’t want you to think that it is just Len McCluskey who is deluded. In this article, Tony Woodley is emotively appealing to staff to gain the respect from [their] employer by supporting this strike.

Maybe I’ve missed something, but as Willie Walsh stands against the “unjustified Industrial Action” and vows to withold their travel perks, I don’t see much evidence of respect for the strikers.

Of course, if you should be foolish enough to be taken in by the articles on the Unite website, may I remind you that more balanced information is available.


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