JP goes on Strikewatch

Being someone who likes to keep their finger on some sort of pulse, I decided to use Twitter to see what people are really saying about the British Airways strike. If you’re interested, I searched for #bastrike. Is this what one might term a ‘trending topic?’

Of course, there’s not much point in blogging if all I do is make out that I’m hip enough to use Twitter. Any fool can do that, but only one fool can give my opinion.

I was pleased to see evidence that a lot of passengers have been unaffected by the strike, which does imply that there is some truth in what BA have been saying about their contingency plans working.

Unite, on the other hand, like to paint a rather different picture, and despite my dislike of them I am going to give them some air time and link to one of their articles. Not because all is necessarily fair in love and war but because I found one of their statements particularly amusing.

Apparently, “Unite believes BA is grounding its own flights so it can use pilots as cabin crew on other BA flights.”

The implication here is that if it weren’t for an apparent lack of pilots, the flights would be good to go. Which would either mean that there are cabin crew ready and willing but unable to fly, or that BA have found a way of flying without crew.

Congratulations, Mr McCluskey, on reaching new levels of delusion. Is anyone else scared by the fact that idiots like this are funding the government?


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