Season's Greetings?

I was pleased to note that a discussion has at last started on one of my previous posts. I hadn't of course just wanted to wish you all 'Season's Greetings' but I'd wanted to provoke a reaction. Mission accomplished.

Basically, the use of 'Season's Greetings' at Christmas really annoys me. I want to be able to wish people a Happy Christmas and refuse to panda to the small minded atheists who play the "you might offend people of other religions" card to suit their own ideals. Besides, although 'Season's Greeting's' is theoretically a generic greeting, suitable for any time of year, and ultimately pointless*, most people associate it with Christmas, as per Chuck's comment. So it effectively says "Happy Season formerly known as Christmas". Again, how pointless.

Fear not, when the time comes, I will be celebrating Christmas and enjoying every minute of it.

On another note, further to my last post, I caught an earlier train today. Hence no man with laugh. Do watch this space though.

*you may as well send a card which says simply "hello".


dave said…
Idiot. Words are our slaves not our masters. If you say Season's Greetings to someone and you wish them a Merry Christmas, that is fine. If you say Season's Greetings to someone and you wish them a good season, that is fine. Do as you please you nutter.
JP said…
Hmm. As I was only discussing with someone this evening, the written word can easily be misconstrued.

Supposing I had intended just to wish everyone a good season, then Chuck's "it's a bit early" comment makes no sense. It's never to early to wish someone a good season.

Equally, in the post above, I referred to narrow minded atheists, in an attempt to make the point that those narrow minded people who use "offending other religions" to whinge about the Christian message are atheists almost without fail, and not from one of the other religions. However, it could have been misread as "all atheists are narrow minded".

And as for you - did you call me an idiot in a joking way, or did you mean it in all seriousness?
Starkey7 said…
I think that "idiot" is rather harsh, even though you spelt "pander" "panda".

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