feeling vindicated

You may remember that a while back I was a bit angry with the BBC. Well, being "one of those people" I wrote an email* of complaint. I'm pleased to say that eventually the response I yielded included this:

Disabling “Run BBC iPlayer on Windows start up” means that the Library does not activate when Windows boots up. However, if you still allow peer-to-peer participation, your computer will still share programmes, and we believe this is what happened in your case, even though you may not have expected this. In light of this we have rephrased the advice that we give to users as we agree that this section could be confusing to some users.

So I do feel kind of vindicated. Even though they refuse to be responsible for the extra charges I encountered as a result of their poor labelling.


*As opposed to a letter of complaint. How 21st Century am I?


Nim said…
Congratulations! There's a little bit of the BBC website that will be your sentence, rephrased just for you. I think that's quite cool. I'm going to try and find it now...

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