journey of contentment

As I sit on the train between my earlier appointment in Belgravia and my afternoon appointment in Cheltenham, digesting my doughnut* and sipping my gingerbread latte, I'm feeling rather contented. The autumn sun is streaming in through the window and the colours outside look beautiful. I'm even enjoying the smell of hot brakes, although the ensuing stop and the fact we have just been passed by a freight train is less good.
The train is quite busy which makes it ideal for People Watching, one of my favourite pastimes. I've not yet identified any properly blogworthy characters, although someone further up the coach has an annoying ringtone or desire to play the odd bit of music through their phone. It's nothing worthy of a rant though.**

I find the phenomenon of being in such close proximity with lots of people whom I know nothing about and with whom I will never speak quite interesting. The girl opposite has been diligently reading an introductory book on Ancient Greek and making neat pencil notes on an A4 pad. Cultured Intelligence. I like that, although I suspect she might be slightly too young for me. I'm not sure, but it's all academic, because we've not engaged in a process of exchanging smiles. She only smiled at me the once when I boarded the train, which doesn't compare favourably with previous events recorded here.

The good news is that as I've been rambling we have passed the freight train again. Apparently the delay was trespassers on the line, which has annoyed me. It will annoy me much more if I miss my connection but for now I shall make do with saying in an annoyed and self-righteouss way "some people".

Anyway, I shall stop rambling for now and sit back wondering why the bloke across the way has a holder for his beer can. It doesn't seem to be the type to keep the beer cool, and therefore seems to be a rather pointless accessory.

Bye for now.

*Krispy Kreme Original Glazed. mmm.

**Sorry for the disappointment.

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