'fighting fire with fire'

The good news is that soon-to-be-deaf girl is no longer such an irritant.

The bad news is this is because there are now some loud Welsh people on the train, who are drowning her out a bit.

On balance, this isn't so bad as I quite like the Welsh accent, and it's quite funny listening to what they have to say. One of them evidently auditioned for the X-Factor, and although "they didn't really tell her exactly why she was unsuccessful", the short rendition which silenced the rest of the carriage gave me plenty of ideas as to why that might have been. Worryingly though, they did apparently tell her that she "wasn't loud enough". To do what, exactly?!

Whilst I have been writing this the guard has just told the girl behind that she will need to change at Carmarthen. She won't be getting off soon then.

I'm now wondering how she's managed not to drive her travelling companion mad. When she answered her phone just now she even left her music blaring in one ear. Come to think of it, said travelling companion (who could be her boyfriend, poor bloke) may also be contributing to the noise, but he's sat directly behind me and I'm not about to contort myself to, ahem, eye him up.

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Starkey said…
Yes, I can empathise!

The fabulously amusing story of my being thrown off a train at Euston can now be found on my online diary.

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