what's in a name?

I was amused to learn during the recent 'crisis' that there is actually
someone with the job title 'United Nations Co-ordinator for Bird-Flu'.
Imagine bringing that up at a dinner party.

I also recently came across someone with the title Prebendary recently.
Does anyone know what a Prebendary does or how one becomes one? Unless
it's particularly cool I have no desire to be one, but I do think it's a
beautifully random title. It too would also be fun to bring up at a
dinner party, and is certainly more intriguing than 'accountant'.

I have Bernard Matthews Turkey in my sandwiches today.


Adam said…
A prebendary (I presume you're thinking of Edward?) is a flavour of priest, a bit like a canon. So you'll have to be ordained first...
JP said…
Thanks, Adam.

Yes, I was thinking of Edward...

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