a ride in a shopping trolley is a sign of a good night out

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Last weekend* I made the trip across the country to Cambridge and had a quality time. Thanks to everyone who made it so good - particularly to Ben for driving, Tom and Kev for the hospitality and to Shteef for being Huce.

Highlights included my high score of 6 on Brian Lara cricket**, a trip to Linton*** Zoo and a night out in what is apparently Britain's largest pub. Bizarrely, despite my cynicism, choosing a table by the lonlg "sofa" against the wall really did result in some random girls coming to talk to us.

On our way home, Shteef vaulted a gate and we encountered a shopping trolley strewn across the path. The offer of a ride was just too tempting to resist. Oh what a hooligan I am.

We also saw a unicorn****, and this entry would not be complete without giving the guy in the photograph a mention. Seen in the market square, I was pleased to receive my free hug. Legendary.


*OK so I'm a little behind
**A classic MegaDrive game. Never played it? You're missing out...
***"Equidistant from London and Norwich" [Alan Partridge]
****More like a slightly deformed white horse


Geoff said…
You absolute yob, you! I trust you whipped yourself ritually with birch as penance for, heaven forbid, living a little and indulging in such behaviour!

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