on the feast of saint cyril and saint methodius

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Happy Saints' Day.

Did anyone receive any 'Cyril and Methodius' gifts or cards? How about sending something?

I hope that if you didn't that you're not too bitter; but if you are I don't want to hear how pleased you are not to have to spend out on commercial tat. Despite the fact that it is a reasonable excuse it probably doesn't reflect your true feelings.

Personally I think it's good if people wish to celebrate the feast days of the saints in style. This article in the Metro amused me. (Incidentally, I might be pleased that I get a seat on the bus in the mornings these days, but I do miss the Metro).

I've had quite a mellow evening with housemates and friends watching the Brit Awards, and it's been good. Amy Winehouse is more attractive than I first thought, but I am very disconcerted by her deep voice. Russell Brand, in the words of Huce, is a tit. I couldn't have put it better myself. And has anyone else noted Liam Gallagher's small bald patch?

Incidentally the photograph is of one of my housemates. He is neither Cyril nor Methodius.


Royston said…
I wished every Methodist that I met today a happy St. Methodius' day, as it would be fitting if he was their patron. When I led the midday office I used their collect from the book (although we went for the 1 Corinthians 13 bit about love as the reading, for any romantics in the congo.) - is your chum pretending to be one of the Slavs converted by the blessed siblings?
Shreyas said…
F***.. that's me!! i'm swearing coz Steve told me to..

Shreyas said…
steve says i'm a liar..

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