"The world is full of fools, take wisdom to the wise"

Look at this - two posts in one day. Cashback!

I've seen lots of strange people in the last 24hours, this time beyond the boundaries of the Maths Department.

Firstly I was in 'Spoons last night enjoying a much needed drink, and the table we occupied was adjacent to one populated entirely by people dressed up as Smurfs. They'd painted their skin blue and everything. I think that perhaps our table was previously unoccupied for a reason.

Then, this morning I needed some bread and decided to sample the produce of my local baker. As I was leaving, warm fresh loaf in hand, I was passed by a guy who went "oooh bread" in a really high-pitched voice.

I didn't pay him enough attention to work out if he was the same guy that I passed later on along the river. This time the strange voice was mocking another bloke who was walking on the concrete blocks right on the very edge of the bank. To be fair, he had a point...

Finally, as I arrived on campus I found that it was populated by people with bright orange helium filled balloons displaying the word 'banter'.

Incidentally, the bread I bought this morning is lush.

There is a bonus point for anyone who can name the artist and title of the song from which I took the title for this post.


Anonymous said…
The Lightning Seeds


Who said 'sad'?!
Mugford said…
That's easy - Lightning Seeds, Change.

I'm a winner.
Mugford said…
Damn it. So close. I'm not a winner.
Anonymous said…

sorry mugford :(

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