"I'm on the train"

When travelling on a train it's often quite interesting to hear how people follow up the stereotypical "I'm on the train" when talking on a mobile. I think one of the most random things I've heard was the woman earlier who said "I'm reading about the Flat Earth Theory."

Currently I'm en route to Exeter and having spent quite a bit of time on a train in the last couple of days I have discovered a new pet hate.

I have been irritated several times by those people who stand in the vestibule of a coach by the sensor for the sliding door in to the seating area and thus keep the door open, or worse cause the door to open and shut incessantly. I'm amazed by the number of people who remain oblivious to the fact they are responsible for that infuriating 'open-shut-open-shut...' of the door in question but I want to give special congratulations to the joker this morning who continued to stand by the sensor even after he'd been asked to move.


Anonymous said…
Dear Jim,

Why didn't you tell us about this blog earlier?! I've just realised the archives go all the way back to May! And a quick perusal of your natterings produced more than a few oblique and not-so-oblique references to me and the missus. Its enough to make a man paranoid about who else is talking about him on this great big world wide web...

Yours bibliothecarialy,

Bored bloke
Anonymous said…
Yes, I'm sorry about not moving away from the sensor. I'd accidentally crapped my pants and, thus, was embarrassed to move and reveal my soiled jeans. Fortunately, by the time we got to Exeter and the train had emptied, I was able to take a Burger King wrapper from the floor (can you believe jokers that litter so liberally) and wipe my ankles down. Again, my apologies.
Sam said…
How embarrassing.

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