I had to go to Blackwell's last week to collect a book for my dad. Not the most exciting thing for me to blog about, you might think. Well, if it's excitement you want, perhaps not. But I do feel that my experience is worth relying here.

The book in question was an obscure book on Parochial Church Councils, so I worked my way through the shelves containing thousands of books to the enquiry point.
"I'm looking for a book by MacNorran," I said.
"Are you sure you don't mean MacMorran?" came the reply.
"I don't think so," I said.
"Well there are no books by MacNorran. What's the book about?"
"Parochial Church Councils."
"Ah yes, you mean MacNorran. This way - we have one copy left."

And so he led me straight to one of the shelves and from the myriad of books pulled out the one I was after. I was seriously impressed and left wondering how on earth he'd got such knowledge of all the books sold by Blackwell's - he didn't look at a computer once during our encounter, it was all done from memory.


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