Experimental Cooking and Noises In The Night

After the rather heavy last post I feel the need to return to being a bit more light-hearted.

It's been a fun week, with lots going on. I've also been working quite hard in the Radcliffe Science Library - not the nicest of places (you could probably survive a nuclear attack down there) but conducive to working nonetheless.

Anyway, last night my friends from Magdalen (Chris and Hugo) invited a group of us around for dinner. We were promised some "experimental cooking" to "broaden the culinary horizons" and I'm pleased to say that they delivered.

Hugo bought a fish from the Halal Shop (a freshwater fish, we think, but who knows what. Apparently it had a "prehistoric head"). He apparently attempted to microwave it, before gutting it, boiling it and serving it in some soup with courgettes and Spanish Sausage. Lovely.

It actually turned out to be really nice, and was followed up by a delicious pasta dish Chris produced. All in all, a successful meal.

One of the things about my current room is that I can hear conversations on the street below. This can get quite frustrating when I am lying in bed and think I can hear someone I know, or think that the conversation sounds so interesting that I wish I could join in. On the whole it's quite funny - so long as it doesn't keep me awake.

So far this term I've been treated to several fights, a discussion on whether "alcohol or caffeine causes more shrivelling" (the mind boggles) and drunken renditions of "I would walk 500 miles" and "Night Fever".

As an observation I would also like to point out that you know when you live near the Oxford Union when you overhear someone interrupt his mate with "on a point of information". Yes, really.


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