Religious Freedom?

Good news. I am blogging for a second time today.  Bad news.  I may appear to be “one of those people.”

According to the BBC, a Christian couple have been refused the right to foster a child because of their views on homosexuality.  I am not in favour of this decision and think that there are some questions which need to be answered:

- Would a Muslim couple be similarly banned?

- Are prospective foster parents allowed to harbour any of their own views or opinions?  Or is this another example of the Henry Ford – “you can have any view you like so long as it’s mine” - school of tolerance and freedom?

- Resources are scarce and I have seen numerous adverts for foster care recently, suggesting that new carers are desperately needed.  So why are we wasting time and money taking someone to court and banning them from fulfilling a much needed role?

I hope that the smug idiot who imposed his or her own views in this manner enjoys their self-righteous feeling of being “caring” and “tolerant.”


Chuck Revel said…
Apparently there's been a lot of misunderstanding on this whole case:
Dave said…
I'm back!

Chuck just ass handed you there.

Yes is the answer to your Muslim question. The views are incompatible with modern Britain, similar to how extremist Muslims are not allowed to foster. It's got nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with compatible views in our society.

I'm off to read some more and post some more. Weeeeee.
JP... said…
Dave! Good to have you back.

Whereas I don't disagree with your views, I'm not sure that "yes" would be the answer to my Muslim question. My point is that there have been inconsistencies in the past where one rule appears to apply to Christians, and another applies to "minority faiths." So in this case, I fear that were it a Muslim couple, the powers that be would be too scared to ruffle any feathers.

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